Handyman Guide to Home Installation TV Mounting

Your tv is essential, and you will want to show it off. The best way to do that is to get a handy professional service to handle your tv mounting.

The Best TV Mounting Guide for 2022

Your TV plays an essential role in your household. It’s a staple entertainment piece in any home, whether it’s for entertaining, binge-watching Netflix, or just exercising. Your tv can even help make your rooms feel better. If you want to make your home more inviting, you can always get the proper equipment to mount your flat screen.

Unfortunately, many of us do not have our TVs mounted. You probably can’t mount your TV yourself, have been putting it off for months, or aren’t sure where to begin. While flat screens were designed to be mounted, many TV viewers neglected to do so.

Perhaps you were unaware of professional TV mounting services or feared an extremely high TV wall mount installation cost. How great would it be to find a convenient and affordable TV installation service so that you don’t have to worry about how to mount your TV on the wall?

If you don’t want to mount your TV, why not let someone else do it? We can help you with that. We make TV mounting more manageable than ever – we take the stress out.

Our highly trained technicians are available seven days a week for all your TV installation needs. Whatever your schedule, they will make your TV look flawless up on the wall. Online TV mounting services are convenient and seamless, and technicians come to you when convenient.

Due to the thousands of TVs, we have mounted nationwide since we started, we have a wealth of knowledge about everything you need for the ultimate TV mounting results. You can learn more about mounting a TV on the wall with this blog post, which explains the dos and don’ts and some expertise.

The most common mistakes people make when mounting their TVs

People often make mistakes when mounting their TVs, which is not surprising. To avoid significant damage to your walls, you should leave TV mounting to the professionals unless you are very handy and knowledgeable about the process. The first thing you will have to worry about is the location the tv will be going.

In any case, whether you’re handy around the house or you’re set on hiring a pro, look no further than our in-depth guide on TV mounting mistakes. Make sure you learn what to do and, perhaps even more importantly, what not to do.

Among the items we cover are selecting the right location, choosing the right tools, choosing the right mount, and more. For all your TV mounting needs, remember that we’re always here if you find it challenging to do it yourself. If you took the time to ensure the tv was handled and mounted by professionals, then you are going for the best option.

How to choose the right TV size

Once you decide to mount a TV, you’ll be faced with the inevitable first dilemma: selecting the correct size. You may have trouble deciding which TV size would look best in your entertainment area.

If you use your TV to entertain guests regularly, you want it to be large enough for you to see it from afar, without being too big and too clunky. Our other blog post covers this topic in more detail, so feel free to check it out.

Before you decide what size TV is correct, you determine the best location. With this approach, your TV will be able to fit nicely and look beautiful in the room of your choice. Remember that if this is for your home theater, you need the best mounts you can buy.

Choosing where to mount your TV

As noted above, it’s vital to assess what area in your entertainment room (or bedroom) would be best to position your TV before you proceed with further steps. Deciding the best place to mount your TV is another hard choice that you need to really think about.

You should weigh all your options and find out where you want to mount your TV and what type of surface would look best behind it. Mounting a TV at an appropriate height involves many variables to consider.

How do you decide whether to mount your TV over the fireplace or brick? Can a TV be mounted above fireplaces? What background is best for your TV? Should it be colored, or should it be white or gray?

Answers to these questions largely depend on your preferences and the colors and materials in your existing entertainment area. When placing entertainment items in your current entertainment space, it’s best to adjust your preferences based on what you have.

As a result, you’ll need to determine what kind of TV mounting wall you would like to use in your TV-watching space. Your TV should be mounted on drywall if your entertainment room currently has simple drywall walls and vice versa if there are brick walls.

While TV mounting on brick looks elegant, the process is rather complicated. Thanks to our technicians, you can get your TV mounted quickly, wherever you want. Whether on drywall, over fireplaces, or concrete, we’ve covered you.

Your TV should be positioned in the middle of a large, neutral-colored wall so that it looks clean and minimal, is accessible to everyone, and places the focus on the TV itself without distractions.

If your walls are already painted bright colors, or if there is no other wall in your space big enough to mount to, a colored wall is fine. It would be best to place your TV in an accessible, inviting spot on the wall.

In addition, you should decide which TV mounting height is best for your space – you want the TV to be viewed from a comfortable angle, so your neck won’t hurt. Your entertainment room should be accessible to everyone if the furniture is centered around the TV.

So, make sure you keep the TV in sight of every seat on your couch and chairs.

Hiding Wires

The question of whether TV mounting hides wires is expected during this process. How can a TV be mounted while hiding wires at the same time?

In addition, hiding the wires on your TV looks incredibly polished and minimal, making it ideal for households with pets or small children. The wires behind your TV are harder to hide than they seem, particularly if you wish to keep them hidden inside your walls.

Service near me

You probably are wondering, “Where can I find TV mounting services near me after reading all this about TV mounting services?” Many people might not be aware of the options available in their area regarding TV mounting installation.

Online TV mounting appointments are available seven days a week for friendly, knowledgeable technicians to work around your schedule. Whenever you’re wondering, “Where can I find TV installation near me?” remember that we are always available and can arrive at whatever time and place is convenient for you.