Hiring EV Charging Station Installers

Electric vehicles have so many environmental benefits, but finding a certified EV charging station installer to lower your costs can be challenging.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station In Your Home

Maybe you’re in the process of purchasing an electric vehicle, or perhaps you’re ready to install a Level 2 charger on an electric vehicle you’ve owned for some time. When you have a new electric vehicle charging station installed at your home, it’s essential to know that the job will be done correctly, no matter the situation. The installation of EV charging stations should be handled by a professional.

In the last few years, electric cars have grown in popularity rapidly, and electric car charging stations have also been in high demand. EV chargers can be installed in your home by our experts. Why not have your charging station for your electric vehicle at home?

Installing Level 2 charging stations can be difficult and dangerous because they require electrical wiring adjustments. Our professionals handle every aspect of electric vehicle charger installation from start to finish.

Electric Vehicle Charging Installation Saves Money

When you buy an EV, then you are doing more when you decide to go with an electric vehicle station. You can save money, energy, and more with rebates, tax credits, and other incentives.

Boost your charging speed by 9X

It’s no longer enough to plug into a wall outlet. 240-volt Level 2 home chargers that deliver 50 amps of power can increase the range of your EV by 37 miles per hour. The majority of drivers will use 32 or 40 amps. Hardwired installation and electrical upgrades are required for 48 or 50 amps to provide the fastest charge. A licensed electrician should set your electrical panel’s amperage.

You only need to install it once and charge it whenever you want

Your charging station fits any vehicle and any electrical panel. The charger can be installed indoors or outdoors using a NEMA 6-50 plug or a 14-50 plug or hardwired, depending on the charging speed – up to 50 amps. You should check the vehicle’s requirements and the charging station’s capacity to determine how fast you can charge. Hardwired charging stations are required for 48A and 50A charging.

Charging station installers can provide you with electric vehicle charging stations that are installed using high-quality techniques for homeowners and businesses.

As electric vehicles become more common, our company’s goal is to contribute to the infrastructure necessary to support them and to help our clients reduce their environmental impact while living more conveniently. In the last few years, electric cars have become increasingly popular throughout the United States, and EV charging stations will be needed as their popularity increases.

If you are interested in installing an electric car charger at your home or in a commercial setting, our professionals can provide you with high-quality installations and excellent products. We can help you install your charging station.

Charging station installation for electric vehicles can be handled safely and professionally by our licensed electricians with extensive experience and training. You can also contact us if you need service, repairs, or replacements for your EV charging station. All of our products and services are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction, and we look forward to working with you.

Our guarantees for EV charging station installation are professional customer service and high-quality workmanship. We look forward to working with you to construct the infrastructure needed to support electric vehicles in the US.

Charging station types

Charging stations for electric vehicles at home fall into three basic categories:

1)Station for Level 1 charging

This is the correct type of charging cord that comes with every electric car and has a three-pronged plug that can be used in any adequately grounded wall socket. With more miniature battery packs, plug-in hybrids usually cannot use this type of charger, which is the slowest.

2)Station for Level 2 Charging

Chargers that operate at 240 volts are twice as fast as chargers at Level 1. Home charging stations at Level 2 are typically required for battery-electric cars to recharge overnight. To complete this installation safely and professionally, we will provide you with all the wiring changes you may need.

3)Station for fast charging using DC power

The term “Level 3” is often misused to describe these chargers. These chargers use a DC instead of an AC and are high-powered. Often these are used for businesses.