Patio And Outdoor Furniture Assembly Services

Outdoor furniture and patio assembly services often range between $80 to $100 with the average being $90. You can easily get a free quote from a handyman.

Hiring an Outdoor Furniture Assembly Professional Near You

Assembling furniture for the outdoors and/or the patio can drive a person crazy, especially if they are putting it together by themselves. The size and weight of the furniture could render this impossible to accomplish alone, and let’s not forget about the time that will be consumed!

You can hire outdoor furniture assemblers to do the job for you. It’s easier than you think! Simply contact a handyman service. You can find one near you! Whether it is a porch swing, a lounge, or a complete patio set, a Handyman or a tasker can handle all patio furniture. They can also weatherproof your patio furniture for you. Just let them know that you want your patio furniture to be weatherproof.

Please keep in mind that a Handyman or a tasker will also come out and service the cleaning of your outdoor furniture. As well as help with moving it, whether you are moving or just storing for the winter months, and they will help with moving it back in time for the spring and summer months. You can also hire them to remove your old patio furniture too.

The process of hiring a tasker or a handyman for outdoor furniture assembly:

  1. Contact a handyman and let them know what you would like done.
  2. You will select one based on their skills, reviews about their previous work, and their prices.
  3. Wait for a tasker or a handyman to arrive, and merely let them do their job.
  4. Make a secured payment, and do not forget to leave a review.

How Much Does Weatherproofing Outdoor Furniture Cost?

Weatherproofing your patio furniture will make it last longer. You go by the material(s) your new patio furniture has been made of in order to determine if it should be covered with protective oil or a wood sealant. Furthermore, you need to let the tasker or handyman know at the time you speak with them regarding what you want to be done. If you also want your new furniture to be weatherproofed, this would be the time to let them know!

How Much Does Outdoor Furniture Assembly Cost?

To assemble a set of patio furniture will cost somewhere in the range of $20 to $25 per hour. To assemble a complete set will take approximately 2 to 4 hours, so by calculating this, you would multiply $20 x 4hr =$80 for assembling the entire set.

Can I Assemble Rattan Furniture Myself?

Although assembly is similar to the assembly of most types of furniture, however, due to the way manufacturers package rattan furniture, it creates so many more individual parts in order to assemble. But a skilled tasker or handyman should have the skills needed to assemble your rattan furniture, with the use of only a few basic tools.

Hiring a Professional to Assemble Outdoor Furniture

If you are thinking about assembling your own outdoor furniture, you might want to give that a second thought. Here’s why!

Assembling outdoor furniture is tedious work; sometimes, it can be very complex, and it is extremely time-consuming. Professionally skilled taskers and a skilled handyman will have years of experience and the expertise needed to assemble your outdoor furniture according to the manufacturer’s specifications and do it quickly. You will be able to relax knowing it was put together by a skilled worker and that it is going to be stable and comfortable.

A lot of your outdoor furniture pieces can be assembled in just 1-2 hours, whereas a grill could take about 1 hour to assemble, yet, it could take 2-3 hours to assemble a dining set or huge seating group. However, assembling a large play set could take all day to complete.

For all of the assemblies that are performed, we will not leave without first making certain it is the perfect spot you want. Your furniture will be precisely set up per your instructions. Each piece of furniture is assembled with safety in mind, and this is all done at your convenience; you choose the date and time.

You also have the option to hire a qualified handyman. There are highly trusted and reliable handyman services for hire. To find one, simply contact a handyman company, and you get to search through the profiles of as many of them as you want while looking. Basically, all handymen and taskers are skilled and experienced and have their own tools.

If you search online and in newspapers, it is fairly easy to find a handyman or a tasker. There are affordable and quality ones out there. When you find one, be sure to check out their references and background, and if you find one online, you can also check out their profile.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Verses Hiring Skilled Assemblers

Assembling your own outdoor furniture may save you money. However, there are several issues that could come out of it. For instance, the pieces you put together on your own may not be assembled correctly, making them unstable and unsafe. This is especially true for the outdoor things for the children, such as swing sets. Swing sets consist of moving parts that call for the right part of its frame to require to exert pressure. A professional handyman is usually experienced and skilled in at least one area, and many of them have a license or have been certified. Any outdoor furniture that requires any type of electrical work should be performed by a trained professional to lower the chances of you being electrocuted. Then there are the short circuits that could occur if you are not sure what you are doing, and a short circuit can catch your home on fire.